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  • CCT Changable Solar LED Bollard Light

    The fixture is is IK10++ as vandal proof  rated. Comparing with other solar bollard light, the solar panel of this model is protected under the polycarbonate dome which can suffer IK++ hit, so this vandal solar led bollard light can stay well in some challenging environment where it could be damaged by naughy kids etc.

    Model:V38S 丨 V6S 丨 V90S
    Solar Panel
    6.2W 5V
    Battery Pack
    3.2V 12AH
    38cm / 60cm / 90cm
    IP & IK Rate
    IP65 IK10

  • IK10 vandal resistant solar led bollard light is an innovation in 2019, comparing with all the solar bollard light on market, Auroras solar bollard has a few significant advantages : 1.  Dome made by polycarbonate with high transmittance ratio 96% to protect the solar panel from strike, it gets an excellent performance in impact resistance which reaches to IK10++ level.  2. Thanks to the nice curved design dome on top of solar panel, no any dust will be accumulated, all the dust will only fall on polycarbonate dome  and be easily flushed away when raining.  3. This light is designed based on a high specification,using 6.2W solar panel and super  quality of LifePO4 battery 3.2V 12AH, it offers a continuous lighting output for all night and backup for 3~4 nights. 4. RGBCW full color models are available. Any color you like can be set via the 2.4G wireless touch remote control. 

    Key Specification of white series

    Product Number                
    V38S  丨 V60S   丨   V90S  
    Product Height
    38cm   丨 60cm   丨 90cm
    CCT Range :   
    3000K / 4500K  / 6000K Changeablee
    Pipe material : 
    Light bulb size :
    LED power : 
    2.8W SMD5050 48Pcs
    Luminous flux : 
    Solar Panel : 
    6.2W 5V MONO
    Dome material :
    Battery Pack : 
    LifePO4   3.2V 12AH
    Battery lifetime : 
    > 2000 cycles
    IP & IK Grade :
     IP65 . IK10
    Working temp :
     - 15 ~ +70 ℃
    Warranty : 
    3 years

    Product Picrture



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